The People Have Spoken (About Our Free Domain Transfers)

Since launching our domain transfer offer to Google Domains customers just over two weeks ago, we’ve been overwhelmed and heartened by the response of those who’ve made the switch. 

If you haven’t heard about this incredible deal and are one of the millions of folks looking for a Google Domains alternative, here’s why you should make the switch to ASAP: 

  • We’re paying transfer fees for the first million domains that move from Google to 
  • In addition to that transfer fee is an additional year of domain registration 
  • Free privacy protection — your contact information will stay private 
  • You’ll get a free SSL certificate if and when you choose to host your website with us 
  • We’re matching (or beating) all of Google’s prices for the long haul 
  • No website or hosting plan needed, ever, to keep your domains on  

Don’t take our word for it, though. Here’s what folks are saying: 

Screenshot of a customer on Twitter who wrote "Just took advantage of this, the transfer process was seamless."
Screenshot of a customer on Twitter who was happy with the domain transfer process and thanked Matt for a great product.

To be clear, there’s no catch! has been a domain registrar for over a decade.

Screenshot of a customer's Mastadon post saying that he's glad that is continuing to uphold open source values and offer a domain alternative to Google/Squarespace.

(By the way, we’ve made a bunch of improvements to the Reader in the last handful of months. Check it out!)

Screenshot of a customer's tweet simply saying "Done!" in response to our offer of free transfers for Google Domains customers.

It’s not just customers who are taking notice. The domains industry is weighing in too. noted

“I would imagine there are many Google Domains customers who use WordPress for their website, so this offer makes sense.”

WPTavern, an outlet that covers WordPress news, commented

“ is putting the heat on with a new offer to pay transfer fees and an additional year of registration for the first million domains moved from Google Domains. is also guaranteeing Google Domains customers the same pricing or lower for 400+ top-level domains.”

Search Engine Journal, the top spot for SEO news, compared our new offering directly to GoDaddy

Are Domain Registrations Cheap?

Yes, registering a domain with is very low priced, matching the low prices that Google Domains charges.

  • GoDaddy charges $21.99 per year for registering a dot com domain.
  • only charges $12 per year for the same dot com domain.

If you’re a Google Domains customer, be sure to move to today to take advantage of this incredible deal. If you’re not a Google Domains customer, we hope you’ll consider for your domain(s) management. You won’t find better long-term prices or support anywhere. 

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