New Business-Focused Patterns: Testimonials, FAQs, and More

Have you used Patterns on your site yet? 

These prebuilt, customizable templates can be used to create product listings, customer testimonials, payment interfaces, contact forms, and so much more. All told, we have more than 275+ Patterns you can mix and match in your pages and posts at the press of a button.

If you’ve never used Patterns before, they’re like any other site element: Access them by hitting the inserter (or “+”) button at the top left of the page or post you’re working on, then selecting the “Patterns” tab. You can also click on the “Explore” button to bring up our entire library of Patterns, organized by category.

Let’s take a look at a few of the newest business-focused Patterns we’ve added to our library. 


Boost trust and credibility for your small business with compelling testimonials. Choose from a number of carefully crafted Patterns to beautifully showcase customer stories and experiences on your website.


Every small business website needs a services section, delivering clear information about your offerings. Whether you’re a restaurant, beauty salon, or local cleaning service, we have the perfect Pattern to showcase your products and services.


A well-designed pricing section can be the centerpiece of your business website and a big sales driver. We’ve added a number of Patterns to our library that will make this task easy and fun!


Answer common questions about your business, services, prices, and more with a beautiful and functional Frequently Asked Questions section. Adding one to your website is as easy as picking one of our FAQ Patterns, and customizing as desired with your own colors and copy.


A contact page is a must-have in order to easily connect with visitors, encourage inquiries, solicit feedback, and discover new business opportunities. Pick a Pattern that best suits your business and you’ll never miss a lead.


Accept credit and debit card payments effortlessly with our Payment Button Block. Choose from a range of stylish design options, making the payment process even more convenient and visually appealing for your customers.

Explore all of our Patterns!

Let our patterns library spark your creativity. We have options for featured products, menus, events, coupons, and more. Dive in by exploring all the hundreds of patterns in the WordPress editor. 

If you’re intrigued by Patterns but don’t have a site yet, get started by creating your own unique design today: 

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