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Veal straccetti with peanuts and beer – Fajitas de ternera con cerveza

Italiano English. Never had rags for dinner? So you have to try it! The veal “straccetti” (literally: rags) are an usual dish in Italy. They look like meat strips, and are the result of butcher’s leftover, but do not think the are cheap: usually this meat comes from trimming selected meat cuts, so they are quite expensive…  Thanks to their thinness, the Continua a leggere..

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Tofu saltato con edamame – Tofu and edamame stir-fry

Scroll down for english version Ultimo giorno della tappa cinese dell’Abbecedario Culinario Mondiale ospitata da Un’arbanella di basilico… ed ultima mia ricetta cinese per questo appuntamento… visto che di sicuro tornerò a cucinare cinese molto presto e molto spesso! …più la scopro e più mi piace questa cucina così saporita, veloce e pratica in tante Continua a leggere..

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Expo 2015: my opinion

Last weekend I visited Expo 2015, the worldwide exposition that takes place in Milan until October 2015, one of the biggest event in Italy from a long time. This edition’s core theme is “Feeding the Planet. Energy for life“, so it should be an opportunity “to reflect upon and seek solutions to, the contradictions of our world”. Expo mascot Continua a leggere..

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