Preserve in the jar

Jaring is a technique that allows to preserve food that has already been cooked, for example jam,  marmelade, vegetables… 
Jaring food helps preserve bacteria from forming.

All you have to do is pour the mixture in jars that have been sterilised beforehand (you can learn how to sterilise by clicking on the following link: Sterilizziazione vasi per conserve). Fill the jars leaving about 1cm of space from the rim.
Be sure to clean the edge of the jar with a lightly wet cloth and immeditely close it.

Turn the jar upside down and let it cool down. It is better to place the jar away from strong breezes so that it isn’t subjected to violent temperaature changes.
Turning the jar upside down allows the hot mixture to sterilise the lid and to be stored under vacuum-

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